Encyclopedia of Pollution

Pollution caused by human activity

Pollution is the introduction of harmful contaminators into the natural environment that results in harm, discomfort and volatility. It can be energy such as heat, light or noise pollution or can be foreign substances like chemical pollution. Humans are responsible for several types of pollution; air, land, water, noise and light pollution.

There are several causes of air pollution and human beings contribute to polluting the air to a great extent. Things such as manufacturing, mining, construction and are leading to the increased pollution. Another great cause of air pollution is our vehicles. Vehicles emit a variety of gases that are detrimental to the environment, contributing to air pollution. According to surveys the countries that are the world leaders in contributing to the creation of air pollution are The United States, Mexico, Japan and China. The causes are usually coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, petro chemical industries, nuclear waste disposal organizations and the like.

A wide variety of industries like those related to livestock, metal and plastic production factories and heavy industries contribute to land pollution. Inappropriate waste disposal is a major cause of land pollution.

Light pollution occurs when artificial lights radiate their light upwards instead of downwards where it belongs, light pollution occurs. Our excessive reliance on lights, lack of conscience when it comes to using eco friendly electricity has increased light pollution.

Noise Pollution is can be man made noise that comes come from things such as airports, railways, vehicles, construction, manufacturing plants and more.

As a responsible species we need to be aware how are day to day lives effect the planet we live on and take measures to reduce pollution so that we can live in harmony with the environment.