What is noise pollution?

Noise pollution is extreme animal, human or machine created environmental noise that disturbs human and animal activity or balance. It is the very definition of unwanted sound. Noise pollution is created because of issues in three different elements- the source, the transmission path as well as the receiver. Noise pollution is also caused to a great degree by human beings or human created machinery. Noise pollution can be intermittent or continuous but it is always harmful and annoying.

The most obvious sources of noise pollution are construction sites, airports, train stations and traffic noise. The reason this occurs is because of poor planning. Why? If industrial and commercial areas are placed near residential areas, the poor home owners are likely to be victims of this form of pollution.

It has a series of detrimental impacts of human health that we don’t take seriously because the concept of loud music or the like affecting us seriously is laughable to some. The truth is psychologically it can make individuals tense, stressed, aggressive and moody. It can lead to hypertension and loss of sleep which by themselves don’t seem that dire but are among the leading causes for dangerous problems like severe depression, panic attacks as well as loss of memory.

One very common physical condition that occurs if one is exposed to noise pollution is the temporary or permanent loss of hearing. A study showed that elderly males who were exposed to noise pollution were more likely to lose their hearing than those who weren’t. Biologically, noise pollution can lead to an increase in blood pressure and have negative cardiovascular effects which ultimately make people unhealthy and more at risk of grave illnesses and death
Noise pollution doesn’t even spare wildlife. As bad as its effects are on human beings, it can have an equally disastrous impact on the animal population. Overexposure to noise can result in animals permanently losing their hearing which might affect their predator abilities or deter them from hearing their predators and can even misunderstand the calls of their mates, leading to reproduction related issues which ultimately shifts the delicate balance of nature.

A form of pollution so bad that can threaten our very existence. We should work hard and fast to fight its growing influence.

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Noise Pollution Facts

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Noise Pollution Facts

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